Indulgence Cupcakery

Pamper your Taste Buds! 

In the past few years, cupcakes have begun to grow in popularity proving that cupcakes are not just for kids anymore. Television has had a positive effect on the cupcake industry that has helped catapult this delicious treat into the limelight. Indulgence Cupcakery has been able to capitalize on this popularity and now wants to offer others the chance to do the same.

Indulgence Cupcakery creates savory cupcakes that captivate the customer’s taste buds and keep them coming back for more. Classic cupcake flavors like chocolate and vanilla have been launched into the modern era with flavor combinations such as white chocolate raspberry and cherry vanilla. They also offer a variety of freshly ground gourmet coffees, specialty teas and Espresso based drinks such as Lattes and Cappuccinos. With their vast array of flavor options, Indulgence Cupcakery appeals to a wide-range customer base that will help make this franchise profitable in any city.

New businesses take a great amount of time and planning and there is still no assurance that it will succeed. By choosing an Indulgence Cupcakery franchise, you get all the tools necessary to start a successful business with a proven track record.

More Than Just A Cupcake

Indulgence Cupcakery is not your average cupcake bakery. Owner, Theresa Hrivnak, has committed herself to her craft through trial and error in order to create ultimate cupcakes that are made with the finest ingredients and baking methods. Theresa is to cupcakes what Mrs. Fields is to cookies. She strives for perfection and will not serve products that do not meet her high standards. Theresa spends a lot of time perfecting each cupcake flavor combination. Indulgence Cupcakery cupcakes not only look good, they are so mouth-wateringly delicious that customers continue to crave the guiltless treats long after they take the last bite.

Theresa is dedicated to putting in the hard work that is necessary to grow her business. Her realization that front and back-end operations are equally important has helped her make great strides in this area. While serving quality products and building customer relations is the main focus of Indulgence Cupcakery, Theresa also knows that streamlining operations in order to maintain efficiency is equally important when running a business. Her dedication and hard work are what has made Indulgence Cupcakery the successful business it is today.

Comprehensive Program

Television has helped catapult the gourmet cupcake industry into the limelight. Indulgence Cupcakery has been able to capitalize on this growing popularity and we are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to capitalize as well. We spent a multitude of hours perfecting our comprehensive franchise program so that our successful business can be easily duplicated.

Our program offers everything needed to open an Indulgence Cupcakery Franchise. From the beginning stages to opening the doors, we will be there to offer our expertise via training, guidance and support. Our operations manual contains in-depth information that lays out the process step-by-step.

The Time to Act is Now

Many people want to own their own business and stop working for others but never take the steps to make that dream a reality. If you are serious about becoming your own boss then now is the time to take action. Business ownership can be a scary process because there is always a chance of failure. We have a proven track record that backs up our success and helps eliminate that fear. Start making your dream a reality by filling out the form required to receive more information about this amazing opportunity.


This information does not constitute a franchise offering. Franchise offerings can only be made by a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.  The franchise is not being offered to residents of California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin unless the franchise offering is currently registered and the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular is effective in the state.